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The TXCOM company employs fifty people, with an annual turnover of more than 10 million euros and is present directly of via specialist partners in over 40 countries, with exports accounting for approximately 70% of total turnover.

The TXCOM Group’s main activities are AXIOHM (Thermal printing solutions) and DS DYNATEC (Rotary actuators and solenoid valves).


Axiohm (TXCOM group) is a French company with its head office in Plessis-Robinson (92). Its factory is in Puiseaux, Loiret. Axiohm has an expert knowledge of all the technologies installed in its products (microelectronics, micromechanics, electronics, plastics and software).
Well-known worldwide as a leader in thermal printing solutions, Axiohm is always moving forward and innovating to meet its customers’ needs We’re proud of our huge range of printing products.

The DS Dynatec brand is the result of the merger of two firms established in 1947 and 1962. DS Dynatec is a leader on solenoid valves and rotary actuators with more than 60 years of experience in the industry.
Integrated within the TXCOM Group in 2017, DS Dynatec have technical solutions for various demanding applications.

AXIOHM-TXCOM presents the TRITON printer series, the outcome of 25 years’ experience in thermal printing. TRITON combines a new generation of control board with the CM/RM Premium printing mechanism to create the most compact mini-kiosk on the market.


TXCOM-AXIOHM introduces the KALYPSO 80 series of kiosk printers based on the proven MGTA series.
Designed to fulfil the needs of the most demanding applications, the KALYPSO 80 is available with a paper presenter and retractor for long ticket printing and an enhanced user experience.

DS Dynatec solenoid valves present excellent features for various industrial applications: corrosive fluids, neutral and combustible gas, cryogenic fluids, high temperature and liquid or viscous liquids.

DS Dynatec rotary actuators are developed with two different technologies: with rack and pinion transmission or with hydraulic vane. Integration of DS Dynatec solutions is made easy with a complete range of options available for each product.